the process of becoming

a blog for twenty-somethings trying to navigate the world and follow your dreams


This is a blog for twenty-something creatives written by a twenty-something writer trying to navigate the world of post-undergrad-intentions on following your dreams.

What do I do? 

I am a freelance writer and editor and all-around creative and by day work as a Senior Personal Care Attendant at a group home for people with mental and physical disabilities. I also am on a church plant team dabbling in writing, vocals for worship, event planning, and women’s ministry. I try to include a balance of free time that spends equal parts in front of a screen and also without 😉

I am currently pursuing a bookseller job (forever-dream) and also a job in publishing. I have big career dreams, all of which include lots and LOTS of books, always, so don’t be surprised to see lots of literary loveliness on this blog.

I love humor, reading (articles and books), pop culture, book reviews, DIY projects, cooking (let’s be real, we don’t need another food blog), and growing up/memoir and will be blogging about a variety of topics including those things. However, I will always come back to the plight of the twenty-something creative involving my personal experiences with writing and career struggles and aspirations, and I will offer encouragement as we all try to figure out this life.

Some other things that I love: 

– The art and literary community in Minneapolis, MN. I tell ya, guys, this place is HOPPIN’

– Cat videos, gifs, and the occasional well-done Buzzfeed article.

New Girl, Game of Thrones, The Office, Parks and Rec, Friends, Orange is the New Black, etc… (NETFLIX)

– My husband who is also a graphic designer (married perks, woo! I kid, I kid. I design too)

– Coffee, cocktails, and kombucha (and wine)

– History when it’s not boring but personal

– ITALY (if you’re curious, just ask!)

– Lists, ha.


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