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10 scenarios over-anxious people understand

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1. That moment when you have to make a phone call and your pulse was doing fine but now you’re at 160 and breaking a sweat. For no real reason.

2. You are almost constantly thinking you should have said something different during social interactions (and/or texts and emails) and replay the conversations in your mind (especially if it’s your crush, an interviewer, or someone you super duper respect and you’re always like “ahhhh”).

3. Naturally, you always sample cookie dough or brownie batter before you bake it. But then you always question your stomach health for that evening. And probably your life decisions. But you still don’t regret it.

4. You actually question every major (or minor) life decision that you make ten too many times. And then wonder if you’ve made the right choice for a long time afterwards.

5. The moment you turn out the lights to go to sleep, your mind decides to turn ON – full blast – and relive both today and imagine all of tomorrow. And maybe also a year from now.

6. Most of when you cook, you ask yourself a million questions: “Am I doing this right? Did I hear my mom correctly? Or maybe I should have done it this way…” And then find yourself calling or texting your mom or cook of choice anyways to ask for help.

7. Watching movies with your friends is torture for them. Especially mysteries and especially if you are an external processor because you say so much out loud, worrying about and questioning everything. You apologize over and over and hope they’ll forgive you each time.

8. You try not to over-question every comment someone makes around you, but still always secretly wonder if it’s about you and what they think of you and how you interact.

9. Dressing for the day is THE WORST. Even outfits you love become horrible depending on where you’re going, who you’re going to see, and what the weather’s like. And that’s why your room is always a mess after you finally leave.

10. You have to daily remind yourself that whether you’re nervous about something or not, life goes on and you’ll eventually get over it… hopefully. Like Anne of Green Gables (my favorite fictional character) said, “The sun will go on rising and setting whether I fail in geometry or not.”

Preach it, Anne.

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I'm a not-your-average 20-something creative, writer, editor, and thankful wife. I drink books as much as coffee and bask in the sound of rain.

One thought on “10 scenarios over-anxious people understand

  1. #6. Please call with your questions, us Moms love it. We never spent enough time cooking together, besides you do know more than you think you know.

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