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YA-fic lovers, look forward to September

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My friend and former Admissions Counselor at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, Jackie Lea Sommers, has her debuting YA novel, Truest, coming out next September!

And it is finally available for pre-order.

Let me tell you, I am beyond excited.

Not only is Jackie probably 25% of the reason I ended up at UNW (through emails where we connected via love of Anne of Green Gables and, of course, writing), but I have had the privilege of following her amazing blog since… well, a long time. In fact, here is a shameless plug for reading her blog on writing, OCD, and all-around encouragement for creatives! (: I also was able to listen to her read excerpts of Truest at UNW last year, and it was drool-worthy amazing. 

Now, I realize I haven’t had this blog for very long, so you wouldn’t know how much of a sucker I am for contemporary Young Adult fiction. But take one look at my Goodreads lists and you’ll know 😉 I find the genre fascinating and inspiring. Maybe I relate so much because I am not so removed from adolescence myself, or because fiction for adults can contain so much sexual content that I used to shy away from. Or maybe it’s because I never went to high school (homeschooled! But more on that another day). I love YA books’ pace and how fast they move. Nothing beats a rainy day inside devouring 70% of a novel, for me.

Anyway, Jackie is an awesome human being, and I know her novel is going to be one of my top books of 2015! I will be eagerly awaiting my copy in the mail. Here’s her blog post on pre-ordering Truest! (And a synopsis!) 


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