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goals, resolutions, or dreams? my list for 2015

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With New Year’s behind us and already a surge in pink and red Valentine’s products filling stores and ads, I almost feel like 2015 started without me! The holidays were busy, we cleaned the entire apartment, I packed away the wrapping paper and supplies, and before I knew it – I didn’t even fill the champagne glasses in time for us all to yell “happy new year.” Oops!

After the hustle settled down, I started thinking about what I wanted 2015 to look like for me. I have never been big on making new year’s resolutions, maybe because as a teen I wanted to be “different” or maybe because I knew the stats showed I wouldn’t keep them.

However, this year I’ve decided to put more thought into the beginning of a new year, even if I’m a few days or weeks late. After all, a goal/resolution is still helpful whether it’s made on January 1st or June 21st (Summer Solstice goals could be a thing, right?). I’ve learned so much, and I’m growing in the ways I discipline myself, look at my life, and try to change. I have dreams, but I’m also learning about what is practical (and tending towards that vein) rather than what looks great but may fail (Pinterest DIYs, anyone?).

But what is the difference between the popular word “resolutions” and the common “goal”? Do we define them by practicality, feasibility, or reality? Or can dreams be included as well?

I have a “bucket list” that I made in Italy in 2012 which I’ve tried not to think of as a joke. It consists mostly of dreams that could actually happen. Things on the list back then were “fall in love and get married,” “ride a gondola in Venice,” “travel to (fill in the blank here),” etc, many of which I have achieved. But when I went back to that list, I realized that I needed to keep it for reasons other than having items to cross off and brag about. I needed to think about what I really want out of this one life I get to live. I started thinking about my dreams and figuring out how I can turn those into practical, realistic goals that can be achievable.

For me, I like the term goals because they can be broken down into achievable parts, and they can originate from dreams and life-long goals. “Resolutions” sounds too abstract or me. Thus, the “2015 goals” lists were born. Multiple ones, as I have a personal one as well as a creative & professional one. These lists are born out of my dreams, and I will come up with practical plans for reaching them. I’m not a quitter, and so if I set small goals in the beginning and reach those, the by-end-of-December-2015 goals will be less daunting and impossible.

These are some of my 2015 goals (creative or personal):

1. Build up my writing portfolio and have at least 10 finished or published pieces by the end of the year (this blog or other mediums).

2. Read 35 books, 5 of which should be classics.

3. Create art I am proud of and can share. Don’t leave unfinished products or abandon talent.

4. Manage and maintain a blog regularly! (:

5. Narrow down my passions and practice focus.

6. Learn and practice Italian.

7. Gain as much job, internship, or volunteer experience as is feasible and learn from everything I take part in. Know my limits and what stress is too much.

What are some of your goals or resolutions for 2015? Are they born out of dreams or more practical steps? 


Author: Wallsah

I'm a not-your-average 20-something creative, writer, editor, and thankful wife. I drink books as much as coffee and bask in the sound of rain.

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