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Lately, I have found myself energized. Which, in my current state of struggles with physical problems due to my job and the absence of my husband due to finals week, is actually kind of a miracle to me. I suddenly do not mind the fact that, in my free time this week, I haven’t watched too many episodes of Netflix! Instead, I have:

1) edited my LinkedIn profile profusely, over and over again.

2) had a Google Hangout interview with a nonprofit organization that I am SO SUPER EXCITED ABOUT. You literally have no idea. My husband had to watch me run around our apartment with all my pent-up energy after reading everything I could soak up about this organization online. I’m debating telling you what it is right now. Of course it is no guarantee I will receive the internship. But everyone I have told says that it is perfect for me and who I am. I should move on to point three before I type in all caps again.

3) finished a hand-made Christmas gift for my sister. It took hours, months actually, and every minute of it was completely worth it. The sense of pride I felt upon seeing it finished on my floor was astounding. It is definitely one of the biggest projects I have ever undertaken, and I didn’t even know if it would work, but the fact that I stuck it through and finished it is the best part. I hope she loves it. (Shh, no of course I can’t tell you, what if she reads this?)

4) created and refined a portfolio website right here on WordPress! During this week I was mulling over how to share my portfolio of writing (and photography) with my interviewers, but when I went to find my old portfolio website I made during school, I found it deleted!! D: No sign of those blog posts, blogs I was following, nothing. But it took me 5 minutes to decide to just make a new one! It still has some kinks I am figuring out, but I am proud of having it considering the “dry spell” I have had with writing in the past year. See it here!

Making it reminded me that I DO have writing to share and be proud of, even if it wasn’t written yesterday.

Now, I find myself encouraged. I can do this. I can get out of the post-graduate funk where my mind was telling me I had to be awesome and already be climbing the corporate ladder and be published in 8 places to be a successful grad. But I don’t! I have a mind chalk-full of ideas for articles about marriage, relationships, and singleness, my faith is becoming less confusing after that killer theology class last year, and I have a clearer idea of what I want to accomplish in the next year.

writingAnd no, this has nothing to do with New Year’s resolutions! I completely forget about those every year, to be honest. I like making them throughout the year and focusing on one at a time. More room for success (: But with my Passion Planner that will be coming in January, I am excited to be planning goals all the time in a more concrete form.

Did any other graduates have the same problem after graduating? What encourages you to keep moving forward with your writing (or other loves)?



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I'm a not-your-average 20-something creative, writer, editor, and thankful wife. I drink books as much as coffee and bask in the sound of rain.

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