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This post will be short and a little random. It’s based off a draft I started back last November. Yes, folks, I will admit. I have disappeared for just short of a year!

So I think I should give you a timeline of my ridiculous year and just leave it at that!

November 28, 2013: My wonderful boyfriend proposed to me overlooking a valley at sunset, amidst giving thanks for our many blessings. Naturally, I said yes (many times).

December 20, 2013: I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature & Writing from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul! At least I think it was that day. I was relieved, burnt out, ready to be done and I never ever ever wanted to look back. Except… well, it doesn’t work that way. And I was engaged to a continuing student.

Fast forward a few recovering months…

Around the Spring of 2014 I started really planning my wedding (procrastinator much?).

May 2014: Transferred to a different ACR home (more medical). Got hired as the Marketing and Development Intern at New Life Family Services in Richfield, Minnesota.

July 13, 2014: Finally married my best and amazing friend Andy Waller.

July 15-something, 2014: Honeymoon to Vancouver Island, Canada and Seattle, Washington (some of the most beautiful places on earth let me tell you!)

August-present: Continued working at ACR and finished my internship on October 10th.

Three months of marriage and a whole lot of work later, here I am. Ready to post, ready to grow, ready to move forward out of the place I am in. You will be seeing lots of me from now on!


Sarah Waller


Author: Wallsah

I am a University of Northwestern - St. Paul graduate with a B.A. in English Writing and Literature and History and Biblical Studies minors. Some things that give me life are coffee, any sight or thought of Italy, good design, old book paper, felines, hip hop music/dancing, my ancestry, and mood lighting.

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