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This post will be short and a little random. It’s based off a draft I started back last November. Yes, folks, I will admit. I have disappeared for just short of a year!

So I think I should give you a timeline of my ridiculous year and just leave it at that!

November 28, 2013: My wonderful boyfriend proposed to me overlooking a valley at sunset, amidst giving thanks for our many blessings. Naturally, I said yes (many times).

December 20, 2013: I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature & Writing from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul! At least I think it was that day. I was relieved, burnt out, ready to be done and I never ever ever wanted to look back. Except… well, it doesn’t work that way. And I was engaged to a continuing student.

Fast forward a few recovering months…

Around the Spring of 2014 I started really planning my wedding (procrastinator much?).

May 2014: Transferred to a different ACR home (more medical). Got hired as the Marketing and Development Intern at New Life Family Services in Richfield, Minnesota.

July 13, 2014: Finally married my best and amazing friend Andy Waller.

July 15-something, 2014: Honeymoon to Vancouver Island, Canada and Seattle, Washington (some of the most beautiful places on earth let me tell you!)

August-present: Continued working at ACR and finished my internship on October 10th.

Three months of marriage and a whole lot of work later, here I am. Ready to post, ready to grow, ready to move forward out of the place I am in. You will be seeing lots of me from now on!


Sarah Waller